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Brownies & Lemonade: $20 Cooking Challenge

Los Angeles is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to be at.
Cook 5 servings + enough for samples for under $20: Can you do it?
budget banquet
Some of L.A.’s dopest chefs (from animal restaurant!) and good friends…
Coming on top is the new Whim Kitchen‘s ‘dough burger’, cheeky.
& the icing on top: their milk and cereal brownies.
i had the honor to be invited to judge the event

…while genuinely enjoying a microwaveable red-baron pizza

we have a pillow fortress themed art event next!
so BIG UP to my friends at BROWNIES & LEMONADE
making moves

not flashy, winning dough burger

bbq sandwiches with apple slaw & home-made pickles

yum, enchiladas

heart-stopping milk & cereal brownies from whim kitchen
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