chicken & veg soup

So pollution has been pretty bad here in Shanghai for the last few days.
and I have been, to say the least, smoking a lot
got sick last week with a fever and cough and paid a visit to a local Chinese hospital
questionable cleanliness…
went home, made some chicken soup, special soy milk tea and passed out for the day

needless to say, i’ve been going out at it again.
keep ’em crossed that the cough doesn’t return.

chicken & vegetable soup

1 large carrot, cubed
1 cucumber
1/2 onion, sliced
(6 large shiitake mushrooms, sliced)
helpful serving of spinach
1 clove garlic, minced
5 large cherry tomatoes, halved
1tbsp chopped fresh thyme
1 liter (about 4 – 5 cups) lemon-soaked water (or salt-free chicken broth)
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
(1 chorizo or spicy italian sausage)
(1/2 c. brown rice)
1 bay leaf

in a large pot, brown chicken and chorizo in 1/2 tbsp olive oil. remove and set aside. in the same pot, sweat onion, carrot, & garlic until fragrant. celery at this point would be nice too. add meat back in and saute. slowly add broth or water. add thyme and bay leaf(or any bouquet garni) along with tomatoes and brown rice. bring mixture to a boil, reduce to a simmer. add salt to taste. simmer for an hour or more. 20 minutes before serving, add shiitake & cucumber; continue to simmer until cucumber is softened. add spinach and wilt.
ladle into large bowl and serve with a piece of crusty bread & fresh mint tea.


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2 thoughts on “chicken & veg soup

  1. sui says:

    I miss you, girl. let’s go to portland in september(??) unless you have school. 😉 or somethinggg! yessirrrrrrr

    getting sick in china sucks, cuz most hospitals suck. I really miss shanghai though; have 2087340982734x the fun for me 😉

    • dang, i want to visit portlandia soon but I do have school starting Aug 31…… and our spring breaks don’t coincide…. at all… and I might go to DC next summer. I was going to say Winter but the weather will be terrible.

      I will! I’m destroying my body here but I’m having so much fun. I’m so glad to have some Shanghainese (or at least Chinese) natives as friends… they’ve taken me to some really sweet spots here that I probably would never have found out about otherwise. At the same time, raging really hard on the weekends with my roommate… arting soon… buying supplies. Life is good, come visit pleaseee.

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