Shanghai: Week 1

view from my uncle’s apartment

shanghai: you’ve destroyed me.


4 thoughts on “Shanghai: Week 1

  1. sui says:

    1. does your uncle live near waitan? nice.
    2. so you’re living at a dorm? where are you attending again?
    3. yeah, if you want to work out you probably have to go to a gym. I just like walking around the city though.
    4. you can get 5-gallon bottles of water delivered so you don’t have to boil your water, the water actually tastes pretty good.
    5. you can probably find healthier places! just gotta open more to them, shanghai is filled with SO many food places that you can find just about anything.
    6. I’ve had my phone jacked (the first time was straight-up, attempt to strangle, blindfolding me mugging that I struggled out of) twice in shanghai… HOWEVER, thinking that there are a lot of thieves might just manifest more of the same experiences. (you get what you think about whether you like it or not…) buuut a few tips, put your bag in front of you when you walk on the street, hold it in your lap when eating out (or put it in front of you), keep your phone close, etc.

    go to a market and get some fresh fruits and vegetables!

    and have fun. shanghai’s awesome. I miss ‘er.

    where’s your roommate from?

  2. WHOA! My uncle lives in the Pudong area (i’m in Puxi). There are gyms nearby and I am slowly venturing out. The weather for this season is kind of bad; should have went during fall (cry). We’re gonna boil water and put it in a water holder…thing and I brought my reusables. DUDE I feel like 1/5000 food places are healthy. It sucks! I’m going to explore this weekend for some veggie places because everyone here eats meat; so hard I feel like I’ve just been eating that for the time here. It’s a bummer. Anyways, the mugging is scary. SCARY! My roommie told me the same thing about just staying cautious but overall, it’s okay to walk down the street.

    She’s from SH (but more or less like, SH county— like, 2 hours away). excitinggg! You should visit (SPRING BREAK) LOL

    • sui says:

      hrm… maybe once you just start exploring more you’ll find healthier places. either way, part of the experience is the awesome food… it’s not necessarily unhealthy since so many shanghainese people are pretty healthy & fit :]

      where are you studying again???

      LOL I’m going to guo nian next year in SH but spring break? nahhh too crazy 😉

      oh haha SH “county” … SH people usually consider people out of the city as countrypeople already haha… XD or at least not really SHnese <_< haha~

  3. Stephany says:

    As far as vegetarian options go, you can check online to see if there are vegetarian restaurants or Buddhist restaurants. Most restaurants also have vegetarian options, although they might have little bits of meat or chicken broth because they don’t consider that meat… you could just say you’re Buddhist and they’ll get the hint. 😛 No suggestions for the oil, though; that’s pretty essential to Chinese cooking…

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