Egg and Ham Sandwich

Sometimes in the morning, I would love nothing more than a fried egg and ham sandwich. Eggs are a great source of protein and I would normally tell you to have just egg whites but I do love that half-done center– still oozing with that delicious golden honey but firm on the outside.  Heaven.

Heaven in the form of heart-clogging cholesterol. (Attempts to limit egg yolks to once-in-a-while have failed but I’m working on it).

I hate whole-wheat bread so I opted for Squaw– which is made of whole-wheat flour but better tasting. And I definitely love scrambled eggs over a fried egg but I was craving a fried egg. This is a real simple recipe that doesn’t require much thinking but it’s well worth it and you’ll have a quick, satisfying breakfast.

Egg and Ham Sandwich
1 whole egg (or 2 eggs worth of whites) (or 2 whole eggs if scrambling)
1 slice of deli squaw bread, toasted
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 thin slices (reduced sodium or reduced fat) ham
Serves 1

Toast the large slice of toast in an oven at about 300-350F. Meanwhile, heat olive oil over medium-high heat in a small pan. When oil begins to shimmer, carefully crack an egg over (Season with s/p). Cook for about 2 minutes on the bottom side. Now you can decide what kind of egg you want here, if you want sunny-side up, just cook it for a little longer and the yolks are still runny– I can’t do this raw.

You may wish to cover the pan so a thin film covers the top of the yolk or flip and cook for just a few seconds for over-easy. Or do like me, and cook for about a minute for somewhere in between over-medium and well-done.

Retrieve your bread when it’s done toasting to your liking and cut it in half. Slide the egg onto your bread. At this point, I took out some ham and lay it onto the pan and just toasted it a little bit to warm it up and folded it onto the bread.

Cut some chives and sprinkle it over your ham or eggs. You can always do cheddar, parmesan, or something of the sort– I always have scrambled egg (white) sandwiches with chives and (turkey) bacon. You can also choose to use thicker ham instead. Whatever is good!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to obtain that runny center today as my dog was crying to get outside. Then when my egg was overcooked:

I let her in because we don’t have a dog door and she wanted my sandwich. But you can see the plate of uneaten food in the back. Pretty finicky for a Weimaraner. She doesn’t do breakfast but she’ll put my breakfast in her mouth any day, can you tell?

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2 thoughts on “Egg and Ham Sandwich

  1. dallas says:

    looks nice, shame i can’t get good bread here, our bakeries suck.

    good job, keep it up.

    worthless rules.

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